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Making the world a little more colorful

My Work

Maria Rousan is a child of many cultures. Raised around the world by multicultural parents she inherited the love and appreciation of art. There’s no better art school than being raised by artists.
Maria’s always had a knack for eclectic art because it shocks people, engages the imagination, and provokes conversation. She believes that each individual has his/ her own perspective and is entitled to interpret art according to their thoughts and emotions. In addition to large canvases, she likes to paint on functional objects that are used in every-day life. Tables, cabinets, walls, mirrors and even headboards. She uses bright colors that attract attention and tell an abstract but powerful story. Her work depicts the modern way of life, social interactions and the mélange of contagious thoughts and emotions.
Her preferred medium of painting is acrylic on canvas and on wood. She lives and works in Dubai, UAE.

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Dubai, UAE